About Us

Sierra Sage Treatment Center

Sierra Sage Treatment Center serves young women who have been sexually exploited or who are displaying at-risk and delinquent behaviors, and referred by child welfare agencies, juvenile courts and private sources.  Sierra Sage Treatment Center is an Integrated Care Model program which offers students a normalized high school experience that promotes diverse social and educational interactions on an open campus.

Sierra Sage Treatment Center is operated by Rite of Passage, a leading National provider of evidence-based therapeutic and educational programs for youth. Rite of Passage provides a diverse continuum of care with evidence-based programs in education, youth shelter programs, family and community aftercare and intensive treatment for youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

For over 30 years, Rite of Passage has been improving the lives of youth. Through its work at Sierra Sage Treatment Center and other academy programs, Rite of Passage has developed the Integrated Care Model framework to articulate its program philosophy, methodology, and specific evidence-based practices.

Integrated Care Model

The Integrated Care Model is the framework for Sierra Sage Treatment Center’s programming and services. Beginning with a foundation of safety, accomplished through caring relationships, qualified and trained staff, fosters a culture where students can learn.

Staff model pro-social skills, utilize the appropriate amount of empathy and provide youth with problem resolution skills. Assessments identify individual students needs and strengths and develop their intrinsic motivation for change.

Evidence-based cognitive behavioral interventions help students develop skills to overcome aggression, distribute behavior, and heal from traumatic events in their lives. Since many of the students will return home, family involvement and treat are provided at an appropriate intensity.

The normalized environment enables each student to develop and practice skills in the therapeutic, academic, vocational, health/wellness, family and community activities. Through these experiences, the student gains competencies and skills to attain Treatment Plan goals; then, new goals are established and the process of positive change is moved forward, creating a new vision and hope for the youth.

Meet Our Qualified Team

Rebekah Graham
Program Director
Kristin Jarboe
Deputy Program Director
Laura Anderson
Clinical Director
Tracy Bennett
Cathy Zelaya

Community Advisory Board

The mission of the Sierra Sage Community Advisory Board (CAB) is to enhance the success of youth through the development of organizational relationships, establishment of mutually beneficial business partnerships and increased community awareness.

Members of the CAB provide their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge and perspectives; their connections to local, national and international resources, colleagues and peers; their philanthropic support and their time and energy to support the mission and vision of Sierra Sage Treatment Center.

Improving Lives Through Partnerships

Sierra Sage Treatment Center has formed partnerships with several community entities to increase the number of opportunities for our students to learn, grow and succeed. These partnerships enrich our program and help us fulfill our mission to improve the lives of youth, family and communities.