Accredited Education

Sierra Sage Treatment Center offers students rigorous education through partnership with Coral Sands Academy, a Cognia-accredited private school. Our school places a strong emphasis on student achievement and embraces technology to help provide individualized education and resources to help students thrive. Our proven track record of educational excellence is the result of an experienced and dedicated team of education professionals who believe every student can learn and succeed.


Records & Transcript Requests

Students who attended Sierra Sage prior to June 2020 will need to request their records and transcripts from El Dorado County Schools. EDCO Registrar, Rex Hawley, can be reached at or by phone at (209) 736-4500 ext. 4557.

Students who attended Sierra Sage after July 2020 will need to request their records and transcripts from Case Manager Coordinator, Kristin Jarboe. Requests can be emailed to Ms. Jarboe at


Sierra Sage’s education program emphasizes 4 R’s: relationships, relevance, rigor, and rituals. Following this approach, administrators, teachers, and students work collaboratively to achieve academic goals.

Rigor: Classes and high school graduation requirements align with Common Core Standards; students easily transfer or leave with a high school diploma.

Relevance: We implement an individualized, culturally relevant curriculum focused on 21st century skills.

Relationships: Teachers develop relationships and become advocates for students, supporting the youth’s academic, personal and treatment goals.

Rituals: Family, staff, and students participate in graduations and learning celebrations; they are able to celebrate the students achievements and visualize their continued success.


The established CTE program at Sierra Sage continues the tradition of helping students succeed by offering training that can culminate in nationally recognized certifications and exciting career opportunities. Our current CTE offerings include:

– Food Safety

– CPR First Aid

– Financial literacy

– Child Development/Parenting

– Customer Service

– Career Readiness