Accredited Education

Sierra Sage Treatment Center is a charter school contracted through a long-standing relationship with the El Dorado County Office of Education. Through WASC–the Western Association of Schools and Colleges– Sierra Sage offers its students an accredited high school education. Sierra Sage places a strong emphasis on its education program; our students gain an average of two grade levels in reading and math each year. This proven track record is the work of an experienced team of education professionals who believe every student can learn and succeed.

Sierra Sage Treatment Center’s Instructional Framework™

Reading, writing and mathematics are all vital components of education, but Sierra Sage emphasizes an additional 4 R’s: relationships, relevance, rigor and rituals. In the Instructional Framework, administrators, teachers and students work collaboratively to achieve academic goals.

Rigor: SSTC classes and high school graduation requirements align with Common Core Standards; students easily transfer or leave with a high school diploma.
Relevance: SSTC implements a personalized, culturally-relevant curriculum focused on 21st century skills.
Relationships: Teachers develop relationships and become advocates for students, supporting treatment goals in the classroom.
Rituals: Family, staff and students participate in graduations and learning celebrations; they are able to visualize the student’s continued success.

Academic & CTE

Certifications include:

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    ServSafe – Safe Food Handler

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    Red Cross First Aid & CPR

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    Red Cross Child Care Provider

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